Cosmetic Guidelines ( Annex I - VII )

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Document Name Updated
Guidelines for Control of Cosmetic Products in Malaysia Feb-17
Annex I, Part 1: Illustrative List Of Cosmetic Products By Categories Feb-17
Annex I, Part 2: Non-Permissible Product Name For Cosmetic Product Feb-17
Annex I, Part 3: Charges For Quest Membership Feb-17
Annex I, Part 4: Manual For Quest3+ Online Submission For Cosmetic Notification Feb-17
Annex I, Part 5: List Of Types Of Changes For Notified Product Feb-17
Annex I, Part 6: Guidelines for Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Product Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 7: Cosmetic Labeling Requirements Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 8: Cosmetic Claims Guidelines Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 9: Guideline For Cosmetic Advertisement Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 10:Guideline For Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 11: List Of Equivalent Cosmetic GMP Guidelines Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 12: Guideline For Product Information File (PIF) Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 13: Guide Manual For Adverse Event Reporting Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 14: Heavy Metal And Microbiological Test Limit For Cosmetic Product Feb-17
Annex 1, Part 15: Guideline For Sunscreen Product Jul-17
Annexe II: List of Substances which Must Not Form Part of the Composition of Cosmetic Products Nov-21
Annexe III: List of Substance Which Cosmetic Products Must Not Contain Except Subject to Restriction and Condition Laid Down Nov-21
Annexe IV: List of Colouring Agent Allowed for Use in Cosmetic Products Jun-21
Annexe V: List of Excluded from the Scope of the Directive May-10
Annexe VI: List of Preservatives which Cosmetic Products May Contain Nov-21
Annexe VII: List of UV Filters which Cosmetic Products May Contain Nov-21

 Published: 18 September 2018

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