Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions and Adverse Events Following Immunisation

  • Please report ALL suspected Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) (including those for traditional products) and Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFIs) to the National Centre for Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring.
  • Do not hesitate to report if some details are not known.
  • The identities of Reporter, Patient and Institution will remain confidential.
  • Kindly report ADR/AEFI through only ONE channel:
    • PhIS version 1.7 & above*, OR
    • online web form, OR
    • manual submission by mail/fax/email.

Repeated submission using multiple channels is NOT necessary.

*Note: If your facility is equipped with PhIS version 1.7 & above, your PhIS ADR report will be automatically pushed to NPRA. For any enquiries related to PhIS reporting, please contact PhIS Helpdesk.


  • Please use 'Google Chrome' as your web browser.
  • Mandatory fields (marked with *): Please fill in all mandatory fields in order to successfully submit the form.
  • Non-mandatory fields: Please give as much information as you can. If the relevant information is not known, kindly leave the field(s) blank.
  • Numeric fields: Please fill in whole numbers only (no decimal points) [Refer user guide for details]
  • Please read this user guide BEFORE proceeding to complete the online reporting form.


Manual ADR/AEFI Reporting Form - PDF

*to submit by post, email or fax

Guide for ADR Reporters

  • Definitions
  • Checklist for ADR Reporters
  • Submitting Samples for Laboratory Testing of Suspected Adulterated Products
  • VigiAccess: A Public Gateway to the WHO ADR Database
  • ADR Reports on AntiTB drugs

Guideline on Vaccine Pharmacovigilance for Healthcare Professionals

  • AEFI Classification
  • AEFI Reporting 
  • AEFI Management

Malaysian Pharmacovigilance Guidelines 2nd Edition

  • Introduction to Pharmacovigilance
  • ADR Reporting Guideline for Healthcare Professionals


Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Classification

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