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Dear QUEST users, QUEST 2 and QUEST 3 are back online now. We noticed that some users have difficulties in accessing the QUEST system via the link provided on our new web portal. Please clear all  browsing history on your internet browsers and restart your computer before trying to access the QUEST system again.

Please click the following links for the guide to clear browsing history on different internet browsers.


The QUEST system is only compatible with INTERNET EXPLORER version 8 or 9. If you STILL HAVING TROUBLE after trying the steps above (especially on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to use INTERNET EXPLORER version 8 or 9.


Which version of Internet Explorer are you using? Click here for the guide.

If you are using Internet Explorer 10 and above, you may need to downgrade your Internet Explorer to version 8 or 9.


If you are having difficulties in accessing the QUEST system via the link provided on our new web portal, alternatively, you may try the following links for accessing QUEST 2 and QUEST 3.



For further enquiry, you may contact our QUEST helpdesk at 03-7883 5560/5561/5562.


We truly apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

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