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Online Payment For QUEST3+

1. What are the banks that participate in Quest3+ online payment ?

List of participating banks for payment option B2C using personal account  ( List updated : 13/11/2018): 




List of participating banks for payment option B2B using personal account  ( List updated : 13/11/2018): 






2. Is there a transition period to submit payments via payment voucher (manually) ?

No. Only online payments are allowed in the QUEST3+ system.





3. Does QUEST3+ accept AMEX as a Credit Card option other than VISA / MASTERCARD ?

No. Only VISA / MASTERCARD Credit Cards are accepted for online payments via QUEST 3+





4. What should we do in case of system breakdown or QUEST 3+ online payment interruption/failure?

NPRA will announce the contingency plan in case of QUEST 3+ or FPX system failure via the website announcement. For any issues regarding online QUEST 3+ payments, kindly log a report via our Enquiry & Complaint Form which can be accessed through your QUEST 3+ account.





5. What is the process like for Business to Business (B2B) flow in the FPX online system?

The flow for Business to Business (B2B) in the FPX online payment system involves two approval steps. The B2B payment method is applicable to corporate bank accounts only. The process is subjected to the BNM policy.


Basically the B2B flow requires at least two personnels from the product holder to execute a payment :
i)   MAKER (eg.applicant)
ii)  AUTHORIZER (eg.applicant’s supervisor)


For further information, please click the link below: 


download >> Maybank2u Biz enhanced features

download >> B2B Transaction Flow


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