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This list reflects the Cold Chain Facilities with satisfactory compliance status in Malaysia (limited to licensed importers and wholesalers) at the time of the inspection and should not be relied upon to reflect the compliance status if more than five years have elapsed since the date of that inspection. However, this period of validity may be reduced using regulatory risk management principles.


This list is generated based on the Cold Chain Facilities Inspection conducted by Good Distribution Practice Section, Centre for Compliance and Quality Control, NPRA since 01 October 2021.


This list consists of the information about companies (limited to licensed importers and wholesalers) that have achieved satisfactory compliance status for Cold Chain Facilities Inspection including its name, address, store address (if any), activities conducted by company, outsourced activities (if any) and the inspection date. The list will be updated regularly.


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The list of Cold Chain Facilities is available here OR you may access the list through the following site mapping:



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