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Plasma Products Lot Release Certificates


Albutein 25%, Albumin (Human)-50 mL B3AKB00602

  • Date of Issuance: 7-Nov-17

Albutein 25%, Albumin (Human)-50 mL D1NE6K2001

  • Date of Issuance: 14-Dec-16


  • Date of Issuance: 3-Aug-18


  • Date of Issuance: 7-Mar-19


  • Date of Issuance: 9-Dec-19

Albutein 25%,Albumin (Human)_50mL B3AKB00602

  • Date of Issuance: 22-Nov-17

Albutein 5% Albumin (Human)-250 mL T4NA6QH003

  • Date of Issuance: 25-Aug-2016

Albutein 5%, Albumin (Human) 250 mL B1NA687001

  • Date of Issuance: 10-May-16

Albutein 5%, Albumin (Human) 250 mL T3NA5NL003

  • Date of Issuance: 22-Feb-16

Albutein 5%, Albumin (Human)-250 mL A1ACB00282

  • Date of Issuance: 31-May-17

Albutein 5%, Albumin (Human)-250 Ml B1ACB01002

  • Date of Issuance: 14-Sep-17

Albutein 5%, Albumin (Human)-250 mL B1ACB01652

  • Date of Issuance: 2-Mar-18

Albutein 5%, Albumin (Human)-250 mL B1ACB01662

  • Date of Issuance: 2-Mar-18

Albutein 5%, Albumin (Human)-250 mL B1ACC00022

  • Date of Issuance: 15-May-18

Albutein 5%, Albumin (Human)-250 mL B1ACC00032

  • Date of Issuance: 17-May-18
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