QUEST2 Products Renewal


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Following the announcement titled “QUEST2 Products Renewal During Moratorium Period” published on 9 May 2016, manual submission of products registered in QUEST2 is still opened until the product registration module of QUEST3+ is launched. Failure to do so will result in termination of registration status and these products will have to go through the process of new products registration in QUEST3+.

Procedures for manual renewal of QUEST2 products:


  1. To check your product registration validity period, please refer to . Renewal only applicable for product expiring before 31/12/2016 .
  2. Please fill in product names and the MAL numbers into this FORM to request payment vouchers for your products. Please refer to :
  3. Proceed to finance department of NPRA to make manual payment (preferably bank draft or cheque). Bank draft or cheque should payable to 'BIRO PENGAWALAN FARMASEUTIKAL KEBANGSAAN'


Note: Product search for QUEST2 is no longer functioning following the breakdown of QUEST2 system. Alternatively, you may click the button below to download the full list of products registered in QUEST2.