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What is the Quest3 Online Submission System?

The Quest3 Online Submission System is an integrated and computerized system which enables Product License Holder, Manufacturer, Importer, Re-packer, Wholesaler and other related users to conduct secured online transactions such as registration, variations, re-registration along with limited changes in stored data such as change of manufacturing site addresses etc and other transactions including licensing and surveillance activities.

In order to conduct such transactions, a user needs to register their membership and purchase a USB Token that contains a User Digital Certificate. Once the USB token has been obtained and installed to user’s Personal Computer (PC) making sure that the PC is Internet Ready only then user will be able to conduct transactions in Quest3.






1. How do I become a member of Quest system and register my products?

To become a member of the Quest system and register your products, you must first register your membership and company particulars online and purchase a Digital Certificate USB Token that will enable you to access your Quest account online.


2. How to apply for the Digital Certificate USB Token?

Flowchart Q3 Membership Registration

3. Can a user have more than one token for a company?

Yes, a user may have more than one token for a company. The first token will be for the principal account (master) and subsequent application(s) will be considered as for supplementary account(s) (member). Supplementary account(s) can only be applied through the principal account.


4. Is there a limit to the number of supplementary accounts a company can purchase?

A company can possess an unlimited number of supplementary accounts.


5. How much does the USB Token costs? To whom shall I pay the charges?

All payment regarding USB token(smart card) must be made payable to Digicert Sdn Bhd. The charges are as follows:

Application category Charges

First-time User Package
(USB Token of 2-years validity + Guide Manual) : COST RM355.10

Supplementary User Package
(USB Token of 2-years validity + Guide Manual) : COST RM296.80

Renewal of USB token Package A
(New USB Token of 2-years validity) : COST RM296.80

Package B
(Utilized old USB Token of 2-years validity) : COST RM106.00 Figure 1.0


6. How to install the USB Token into my computer?

Once plugged in to the computer the application will autorun, please follow instruction of the software to complete installation.


7. Why is my USB Token not working, what should I do? Who do I call for help?

If your USB token(smart card) is not working properly, please contact Digicert Sdn Bhd at 03-8992 8888 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


8. I've lost my USB Token, how do I get the replacement set?

If you have lost your USB token, please report to BPFK Helpdesk at 03-7883 5560 / 5561 / 5562 and please contact Digicert Sdn Bhd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For replacement cost please refer to Figure 1.0.


9. I've lost(forgotton) my Pin Code, Username or Password, what should I do?

Please call BPFK office at 03-7883 5560 / 5561 / 5562 to retrieve your Username/Login Name and Password. For Pin Code, please return your USB Token to Digicert Sdn Bhd for resetting process.


10. My USB token has expired, what do I do?

The renewal option is available in the ‘COMPANY MEMBERSHIP’ option in your BPFK account when you’re logged in.


11. I want to change the name of cardholder for my smart card/USB token, what should I do?

Authorized Person name change option can be found when you’re logged in to your Quest 3 account in the ‘COMPANY MEMBERSHIP’ option (Change Authorised Person). You will then have to print the membership slip and forward the token with required documents to Digicert or apply for a new USB token (for those without existing USB token). Please make sure that the new authorized person does not have any existing membership with the QUEST system.


12. My USB Token pin number is locked, what should I do?

If the USB Token pin code is locked, please return your USB Token to Digicert Sdn Bhd for resetting process.


13. Are all my transactions and registration matters recorded inside the USB Token? What if I lose the USB token? Do I have to re-do all my work?

No. The transactions and registration matters are not recorded onto the USB Token. The record is stored in the BPFK servers and you will not need to re-do your registration matters if you lost your USB token.


14. How do I change or modify the company data in my BPFK account (e.g. company name, company new address, email address etc.)?

To change or modify the company name, company address and company registration number, please contact the BPFK Helpdesk at 03-7883 5560 / 5561 / 5562 . User’s email address can be changed directly from the Membership Utilities.



1. What do I do if the system is slow?

a) Check whether you comply with the minimum requirement for Quest3:-

Have an Internet-Ready PC. Minimum requirement for the PC is Intel Pentium II 400MHz, 128MB RAM, 10GB free disk space and 56kbps Internet Connectivity. Recommended PC requirement is Intel Pentium IV 1.8GHz or above, 256MB RAM or above, 10GB free disk space or above and 128kbps Internet Connectivity.
Have Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) installed. If you are using other versions of Internet Browser, please go to
http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/ie6/fefault.asp to download the IE6.
Have a scanner installed to scan related documents for attachments during submission of application forms.
Have at least 1 unused serial (com) port or USB port on your PC for the connection of the USB token/Digital Smart Card System.

b) Check if you can browse other web addresses to make sure your internet connection is still active. If you cannot browse other web addresses, most probably your internet connection is down. Please contact your ISP (internet service provider) to resolve connectivity issues.


2. What do I do if the system hangs in the midst of submission/uploading process of an attachment?

Personal Computer (PC) can sometimes stop responding if the attachment is big in size. Please be patient and check if the upload is progressing. Alternatively you can reduce the file size using the irfan view (a free software, which can be downloaded from the internet).


3. What do I do if I encounter problems during submission?

Please contact BPFK Help Desk at 03-7883 5400 ext: 5560/5561 during office hours i.e. from 8.30am-1.00 pm and from 2.00pm-5.00 pm (Monday to Friday).


4. How can I know the format that can be accepted for every attachment?

Upon successful submission of "Product Validation" in Step 1, the system will show a table with description of the type of attachment accepted for each relevant field/section.


5. Can I attach the document in other format than what is specified? e.g. If I do not have PDF (Adobe Acrobat) program, can I scan the documents and attach in other format?

You have to attach the document in the format as specified. You will need Adobe Acrobat software in order to proceed, as a lot of attachments are required in PDF format.


6. What do I do if my file is too big/ the space allocated is insufficient?

Generally, file size is allowed up to 5 MB. If your file is too big, you can reduce the file size using the irfan view (a free software, which can be downloaded from the internet).


7. How do I reduce the size of my file but yet can be read clearly?

There are two ways of achieving this;

i. Scan your document, then reduce it's size using irfan view.
ii. Set your scanned document size to legible percentage.



1. Is the system secure?

Yes, the system is secure as many security measures are built into the system.


2. What are the security features in place?

The NPCB servers are protected with firewall systems. The NPCB Data Centre is equipped with CCTV Cameras and only authorized personnel can enter access the equipment.
Access by NPCB personnel is controlled by smart card, login & password.
Access by users is controlled by USB token & PIN numbers, Quest system Username & Password.


3. How do we know that the product data is maintained private and confidential?

The product data is secured and maintained private and confidential and all public officers are bound under the Official Secrets Act 1972.