Section C : Particular of Packing


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To add the information of packing particulars:

References :

  1. Appendix 10 : Guideline On Patient Dispensing Pack For Pharmaceutical Products In Malaysia

C1 Pack Size (Weight/Volume/Quantity)

Please select pack size by weight or volume or quantity; and unit

C2 Immediate Container Type
(Container Type and Description).

  • Please select container type, e.g. aluminium, glass, metal, paper, plastic, others (if others, please specify)
  • Please enter detailed description of Immediate container type (e.g. layers of blister, type of glass, closures, dessicant& capacity of vial/tube/bottle)
  • Declare description of secondary packaging if any
  • Please attach attachment of container type at table appeared after “Add” button at the bottom page is clicked

C3 Barcode/Serial No. (Optional)

Please key in if any (optional) 

C4 Recommended Distributor’s Price (Optional)

Please key in if any (optional)

C5 Recommended Retail Price (Optional)

Please key in if any (optional)